Maktoobat-e-Masoomia and their receivers: Introduction and Analysis

مکتوباتِ معصومیہ و مکتوب الیھم:تعارف و جائزہ


  • Dr. Riffat Awais Govt. College for Women, Sangla Hill
  • Muhammad Adnan


Letter writing is an important style in the Sufi’s Literature. Through letters Sufis performed their duty of religious reform and self-purification. Much work has been done by Mujaddidi Order through their correspondence. The three volumes of the letters of Hazrat Mujaddid’s son Khawaja Masoom Sirhindi are also a link in this Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Order. The study of his letters and their receivers reveals that apart from the religious and political dignitaries of his time, he was also in touch with the people. This study is a manifestation of the cultural traditions of that time. In addition, the study of these letters is also very important from a linguistic point of view. This article reviews & those letters comprehensively.

Author Biographies

Dr. Riffat Awais, Govt. College for Women, Sangla Hill

Assistant Professor, Govt. College for Women, Sangla Hill

Muhammad Adnan

Al Hamra, Quran Academy, Faisalabad.