Self Purification: The Reality Of Tasawwuf


  • Dr. Matloob Ahmad Government College University, Faislabad
  • Dr. Aman Ullah Rana National University of Modern Languages


Allah Almighty says “Indeed that person has brought himself in to happiness and success (Falah) who purifies himself (Tazakka)” Al Quran 87:14.In this verse it is stated that Tazkiyah or Self-purification is the only standard of true success and contentment for a Muslim. The science of having this Self-purification is called as Tasawwuf. It is the consecrated discipline that deals itself with curing the hearts of spiritual diseases such as misfortunes of the tongue, Anger, Maliciousness, Jealousy, Dearness of the world, Love of Good reputation, Voracity, Self-importance. At the same time it aims at the cleanliness of the heart with lofty attributes of repentance, Determination, Thankfulness, Fear of Allah, Monotheism, Trust, Truthfulness and attaining the nearness of the Allah Tala. So, it can be said the Tasawwuf it is the discipline of Islam which is the source of Self-purification.

Author Biographies

Dr. Matloob Ahmad, Government College University, Faislabad

Associate professor Department of Islamic Studies & Arabic, Govt. College University Faisalabad

Dr. Aman Ullah Rana, National University of Modern Languages

Assistant professor Department of Arabic, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad