Critical Study Of Tangibility And Authentication Of Islamic Mysticism In Sufi Texts


  • Dr. Sanaullah Bahria University, Islamabad


Human being throughout its history have been in search of ultimate reality, sometimes through philosophy, rhetoric, contemplation and all prevalent sciences in every age. Muslim sages have identified new way of exploring that ultimate realty i.e. Divine Gnosis. The claim is challenged and many researchers took this claim into task especially some western orientalist who tried to link the origin of Islamic mysticism with Hellenistic sciences, with neo-platonic hypothesis, and sometimes borrowed from Judeo-Christian sources. Present study aims to analyze and explore the original classical sources of Islamic mysticism in order to identify the roots of this subject. Classical Sufi texts have to be analyzed to grasp the meanings and understanding of Sufism either as part of primary sources of Islam or introduced to Islam from external philosophies with no roots in its primary sources. Sufi concepts first be traced from the Quran and transmission of these facts to renouncers or ascetics known as Sufis.

Author Biography

Dr. Sanaullah, Bahria University, Islamabad

Assistant Professor, Islamic Studies, Deptt. H & SS Bahria University Islamabad