The Method & Style of Kitab-ul-Luma

کتاب اللمع کامنہج و اسلوب


  • Dr. Muhammad Kareem Khan Imperial University, Lahore
  • Muhammad Naveed Iqbal Imperial University, Lahore


The Concept of origin of Sufism began from humanity, but it is also a fact that formal Sufism as a subject started since third century. Sufism when entered third century after evolution then formal and written pattern, regular work on it started and thirst of reality seekers was fulfilled according to their desire and ability. In this regard many a people worked extensively and sincerely in black and white, book such as Kitāb al-luma' .its writer Abū Naṣr ‘Abd Allāh ibn ‘Alī al-Sarrāj was a  great Sufi, sheikh and ascetic born in Tūs( Iran). Al-Sarrāj was highly active in the early history of Sufi community. He was the head of the order of dervishes in Baghdad, He is best known for his popular Kitāb Al-luma' which is considered an encyclopedia of the Sufism. Abū Naṣr has given much importance in his book to diction, comprehension, and discussions related to Sufism. The book al-luma was very successful in being one of the first "authoritative documentary" and surveys, by first-hand information from thirty-nine Sufi authorities on a total of around of tow hundred Sufis. Al-Sarrāj also sought in the book to demonstrate Sufism's compatibility with mainstream Sunni Islam. In the light of these facts we can say that al-luma is one of important book in the Sufism literature.

Author Biographies

Dr. Muhammad Kareem Khan, Imperial University, Lahore

Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Imperial University, Lahore

Muhammad Naveed Iqbal, Imperial University, Lahore

Ph.D Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, Imperial University, Lahore