“Baṣīirah fī al-Riḍā” and ‘Allāma Fairūzābādī’s Method of Inference

’’بصیرۃ فی الرضا‘‘ اور علامہ فیروزآبادیؒ کا منہج استدلال


  • Dr.Muhammad Farooq Haider Government  College University, Lahore
  • Dr.Sadia Tahseen Garrision University, Lahore


Baṣā’ir dhawī al-Tamyīz fī Laṭā’if al-Kitāb al-‘Azīz is a unique book of the Qur’ānic Sciences in which ‘Allāma Fairūzābādī adopted an exceptional approach, different from the previous books on the subject. An important topic of the aforementioned book is Homonyms of the Qur’ānic words in which ‘Allāma Fairūzābādī stated the words alphabetically under the title of Baṣīirah. One of the words enlisted is al-Riḍā, explained under the title of “Baṣīirah fī al-Riḍā”. Along with the literal and terminological explication of the word al-Riḍā, sixteen synonyms from the Qur’ān have been quoted as well. Sufistic explanation of the word al-Riḍā is a distinctive and prominent feature of the discussion in which esoteric meanings of the term have been narrated in the light of Sufis’ maxims. Dissented maxims have been quoted with respect to being admirable or mandatory. There is a detailed discussion regarding its stages, principles, reality, content and forms. During the discussion, such a precious and golden maxims have been narrated, which are practical lessons of our lives. In this article, a specific approach of ‘Allāma Fairūzābādī has been highlighted which has been adopted by him as a whole in discussing the word al-Riḍā.

Author Biographies

Dr.Muhammad Farooq Haider, Government  College University, Lahore

Associate Professor of Islamic Studies, GC University, Lahore.

Dr.Sadia Tahseen, Garrision University, Lahore

Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies,