The Services of Syed Meher Ali Shah Gillani in the Protection of Doctrine of Finality of Prophethood-A Research-Based Study

عقیدہ ختم نبوت کے تحفظ میں سید مہر علی شاہ گیلانی رحمتہ اللہ علیہ کی خدمات: تحقیقی مطالعہ


  • Qari Aziz Haider International Islamic University, Islamabad


Hazrat Shaikh Syed Meher Ali Shah Gilani (1275AH / 1859CE. 1365AH / 1937CE) was a well-known Islamic scholar of 14 century. He was a brilliant great Islamic scholar in reanimated of Doctrine of finality of prophethood in Subcontinent. Doctrine of finality of Prophethood is the part of Islamic faith. From the beginning of Islam, all the Muslim Scholars defended the Doctrine of finality of Prophethood. As well as the Muslims scholars of subcontinent defended that doctrine especially against mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, who announced himself as a prophet. He challenged all the Muslim scholars to compete him in the ground of Islamic prophethood by their Islamic sciences. All Islamic scholars of all sects at that time agreed upon on leadership of Hazrat Sheikh Syed Mehr Ali shah. He accepted his challenge, but mirza had not any ability to come against of Hazrat Pir Meher Ali Shah. That is how Pir Meher Ali Shah defeated mirza and his companions with Islamic and spiritual sciences.

Author Biography

Qari Aziz Haider, International Islamic University, Islamabad

Research Scholar, International Islamic University, Islamabad