The Contemporary Objectivity of Syed Hajver’s Teachings

تعلیمات سید ہجویرکی عصری معنویت


  • Hafiz Javed Ahmad Lahore Garison University, Lahore
  • Dr.Saeed Ahmad Saeedi University of the Punjab, Lahore


For the guidance of mankind Allah sent his messengers. After closing the door of prophecy, companions of the last prophet performed the duty of guidance. Their successive disciples and disciples of the disciples had also done this job. Similarly saints and pious men of Ummah had participated too for spreading the teachings of Islam.

 For achieving this goal many saints came in subcontinent. One of them is Syed Ali bin Usman known as “Data Gunj Bakhsh”. He felt the pulse of time and played his role for the propagation of Islam. His personality was a role model of teachings of Islam during his time. He had spoken loudly in favor of knowledge and against the social evils. He tried his best for public awareness regarding faith in right direction. In this hazardous and materialistic age of time knowing about the teachings and personality of “Data sahab” is most important. By this we can come to know about real Islamic code of life. This article will reveal the importance of the teachings of “Data sahab” in current scenario.

Author Biographies

Hafiz Javed Ahmad, Lahore Garison University, Lahore

Ph.D Research Scholar, Lahore Garison University, Lahore

Dr.Saeed Ahmad Saeedi, University of the Punjab, Lahore

Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies & Arabic, Punjab University, Lahore