The Sufi’s Symbols and its various Forms in Arabic Poetry

الرمز الصوفي وأشكا له في الشعر العربي


  • Dr. Salma Shahida National University of Modern Languages


Sufism, known as Tasawuuf is actually inward dimensions of Islam. This phenomenon of mysticism and tasawwuf flourished and developed in Islamic world for the propagation of Islam. These Sufis attempted to emulate their views and transmit their perceptions of the unknown, secret of the universe, a description of the relationship between man and God, and the relationship between man and the universe. They use different symbols and hints to express their thoughts like water, light, birds, women etc. And the symbols through which Sufi’s express their meanings and ideas, it doesn’t follow a single rule on which all Sufis applied but if differs according to the different topics and subjects. Generally, they raise a critical issue that is difficult to describe in an ordinary language and present them in an idiomatic and metaphoric language. This article presents meaning and significance of Mystic’s symbols and its proper application.

Author Biography

Dr. Salma Shahida, National University of Modern Languages

Assistant Professor, National University of Modern Languages (NUML), Islamabad, Pakistan