Concept of Peace, Love and Harmony in the Poetry of Pashto Sufi Poet Abdul Rehman Baba

پشتو صوفی شاعر عبدالرحمٰن باباکی شاعری میں امن،محبت اور باہمی ہم آہنگی کے تصورات


  • Dr. Tariq Mehmood Hashmi Government College University, Faislabad


Rehman Baba is a renowned sufi poet and a classical figure of Pashto literature. He along with his contemporary Khushhal Khan Khatak are most popular among the pashtuns of Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. His poetry expresses a peaceful mystical side of local culture which is becoming increasingly threatened by less tolerant interpretations of religion. In spite of other pashtun poets, Rehman baba rejects any concept of tribal superiority or inferiority and delivers an ideology of equality among human being. He is a great critic of moral decline of his age and uses his poetical intellect for reformation of society, especially for peace and hormony.

Author Biography

Dr. Tariq Mehmood Hashmi, Government College University, Faislabad

Associate Professor Department of Urdu G.C University, Faisalabad