The Concept of Knowledge according to Shiykh Ali bin Usman Hujwayri

شیخ علی بن عثمان علیہ الرحمۃ ہجویری کا تصورِ علم


  • Muhammad Fareed Ahmad Govt. Municiple Graduate College, Faisalabad


Hazrat Ali Bin Usman Hujwayri was a renowned Sufi and Preacher. He belonged to the same region as of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznvi. He moved to Lahore from Afghanistan. At that time there were false notions and irrelevent thoughts emerged in Sufism. He was the person who eradicated these types of thoughts and actions belonging to reprehensible innovators i.e. "Sophistia and Ismailis". He presented Sufism in its true sense in the light of the Quran and Sunnah in his well renowned book "Kashf al Mahjoob". This article throws light on his moderate and enlightened thoughts related to his concept of knowledge. His writing style is not only impressive but aslo becomes a source of inspiration for the readers. Though these thoughts are related to Tasawuuf, yet his style of writing makes these thoughts easy to comprehend."

Author Biography

Muhammad Fareed Ahmad, Govt. Municiple Graduate College, Faisalabad

Lecturer, Department of Urdu, Govt. Municipal Degree College, Faisalabad.