Historic Services of Silsila Firdawsia for the Preaching of Deen in Sub-Continent (A Special Study of Sufi scholars of Beha’ar)

برصغیر میں فروغ دین کے لیے سلسلہ فردوسیہ کی تاریخی خدمات (صوفیائے بہار کا خصوصی مطالعہ)


  • Dr. Nadia Alam Faiz Aalam Research Center, Qasoor
  • Dr. Ali Akbar Al-Azhari Garrision University, Lahore


Beha’ar has been a famous region since ancient times for many historical, political, scientific and religious reasons. Although there is a historical reference of many renowned scholars from different spiritual schools in connection with the propagation of Islam in this region, in introducing Islam and conveying the true Islamic teachings to the people of Beha’ar, the name of the Firdowsia chain comes to the fore. These great Firdowsi scholars made successful and continuous efforts to propagate Islam for a long time. Their selfless efforts and knowledge not only facilitated people to embrace Islam but also enriched them with spiritual and intellectual wealth. Thus soon the region of Beha’ar was filled with the followers of Islam and the results were so prominent, spectacular and lasting that their effects can still be felt today, even many centuries later. This short research paper includes a comprehensive note on the efforts of the three early scholars of the Firdowsia School in the Beha’ar, namely Sheikh Sharafuddin Ahmed Yahya Munyari, Sheikh Muzaffar Balkhi and Sheikh Nowshah -e-Tawheed Hussain Balkhi and their effects.

Author Biographies

Dr. Nadia Alam, Faiz Aalam Research Center, Qasoor

Faiz Aalam Research Center Qasoor

Dr. Ali Akbar Al-Azhari, Garrision University, Lahore

Assoicate Professor of Islamic Studies,

Lahore Garison University, Lahore