Al-Ehsan Journal

Ethical Guidelines regarding research journal

Responsibilities of editor
  • To establish and maintain the quality of research papers.
  • Promotion of freedom of expression within the set limits.
  • To maintain the ethical standard of the journal and providing corrigendum in case of any correction .
  • Meritorious  practices regarding editorship .
  • Encouragement of new ideas and suggestions of writers peer reviewer and editorial board members .
  • To implement the process of blind peer review in letter and spirt .
  • To promote the anti plagiarism policy .

Formation of editorial board

  • The editorial board comprises  of an editional and advisory committee,responsible for logistics,reviewing the submitted research articles.
  • The editor is responsible to inform new board members about ethical guidelines and other relevant matters.
  • The editorial board work to meet the needs for  journal s category awarded by HEC,and credible research articles and selected preferably.

Fair plays impartiality

  • The criteria is followed according to the HEC instructions for the selections of research papers,comparatively sound scholarly and academically.
  • Confidentiality is observed regarding authors and reviewers during peer review process.
  • It is kept in mind that guidelines about the preparing and formatting of research papers may be confusion free .The guidelines are printed  in each issue of the journal .
  • The preferred writing  style is adopted .

Dealing with misconduct and maintaining the quality

  • Publication misconduct like inappropriate research design and incomplete data is convyed to the writers ethically.
  • Issues regarding plagrisim are resolved according to HEc policy and transparency is observed as maximum as possible .
  • The ethical gudlines are applied on the reviewers as well as the members of editorial board to ensure unbiased peer review.
  •  The editorial board members  own submitted paper is also processed according to the same policy .


  • No unpublished portion from the submitted papers is  used for personal gains and any information received after the peer review process is strictly kept confidentional

Publication decision  

  • The papers only relevant to the scope of the journal are shortlisted for application without any personal interest.
  • After the completion of reviewing process ,the submission of revised manusaripts and assessing the quality and validity the editor reserves the right to accept or reject a paper which is based purely on merit.